Thorn Baker EFM The Top Cleaning Products Rated by Cleaning Experts


The Top Cleaning Products Rated by Cleaning Experts

Soft Services

With so many cleaning products on the market and more and more launched every week it's difficult to know what to choose. Do you go for value for money? Or is it familiarity, the great salesperson or a reliable manufacturer/supplier?

Andrew McCafferty Facilities & Soft Services Recruitment Consultant

​Whatever the reasons for purchase they are essential to the job and your company. As a cleaning and soft services specialist recruiter, I'm always speaking to people in the industry and here are some of the products that people, like you, are talking about.

UBIK 2000 Universal Cleaner Concentrate

UBIK 2000 Universal Cleaner Concentrate

This powerful, versatile cleaner and degreaser from Clover Chemicals quickly dissolves grease and grime to leave a spotless finish.

It's been highly recommended for cleaning in the food industry especially as it is great with body fats but it is as good within communal shower areas. 

FreshnIT Sanitary Cleaner

FreshnIT Sanitary Cleaner

This is top for washrooms as it neutralises odours at the source and has a long-lasting fragrance. An adding bonus to this product is that Freshnit is safe to clean and freshen all washroom surfaces, including; sinks, taps, baths, walls, doors, floors, fittings and fixtures, toilets, bidets and urinals.

If that isn't good enough it's also pH neutral.

Transgel Graffiti Remover

Transgel Graffiti Remover

This product is highly recommended by the Transport industry. Although it is an expensive product it's fantastic at removing graffiti - designed to remove old, thick and sun-baked graffiti from porous surfaces, tarmac, galvanised shuttering and other galvanised surfaces, murals from wooden fences, road marker paint and thicker paints such as gloss paint. It can also be used for paint spillages.

Henry Hoover


Vacuums are essential for cleaning companies. Key needs are power, capacity and durability to save time and money in a margin critical industry. Not many people look passed the Numatic range especially Henry. A British Icon with over 36 years of service and still a great performer. It's one of the best value and reliable vacuums on the market and has been since Bonnie Tyler had a Total Eclipse of the Heart.

Cleaning Coths


Another staple of the cleaning armoury is cloths. This was a tough one to pin a favourite as many different cloths have been mentioned. One of the better cloths that is absorbent and can be used on multiple surfaces was Norwex which is also very easy to clean in just water. Other products include Zwipes and Vibrawipe.

Of course, we're all different and people like different things so I accept the products listed might not be your preference. This is why there are so many products on the market.

What do you think? Leave a comment below - It would be great to know what you would recommend and why.