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Business Finds Flexible Workers More Productive

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At Thorn Baker EFM we have introduced a flexible working pattern for our consultants so that they can choose to work any time from 7.00am to 7.00pm

Which means we can speak to our clients and candidates outside of normal working hours without simply putting extra hours in behind a desk. Better service for our customers and better work/life balance for our consultants = happier people all around! 

An article published on FM World recently talks about how companies are increasingly recruiting more flexible workers says a report by International Workplace Group (IWG). The global operator of co-working office space spoke to 1,800 professionals at the start of 2018 from a range of industries in 96 countries about how they use the flexible workspace.

From this sample 91 per cent assert that flexible workspace enables employees in their company to be more productive while on the move.

The survey shows 89 per cent believe that flexible working helps their business grow (compared with 68 per cent in 2016). Have you introduced flexible work and seen a rise in productivity?

Another 87 per cent think flexible working helps their business to stay competitive.

From the sample, 83 per cent believe that flexible working helps their business to maximise profits (compared with the 67 per cent who say it improved sales in 2016).

Eighty per cent of respondents state that enabling their company’s employees to work from anywhere helped them to recruit and retain top talent (64 per cent in 2016).

The report can be accessed here.

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