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Do you need Cleaners on your site? Now more than ever we all know that a great cleaner is worth their weight in gold.

We currently supply temporary cleaners to our large multi-site clients across the UK. Within the first 24 hours of lockdown, our clients increased their cleaning schedules by 30%, requiring hundreds of extra cleaners. Sounds like a tall order? Not when you're working with a specialist recruitment team.

How can we help you?

  • Mobilising a nationwide recruitment campaign
  • Interview, vet and DBS check all candidates to ensure compliance with your security requirements
  • Implement electronic signing of timesheets
  • Implement and work with a current shift management system 
  • Regular service reviews with all sites and provide management information centrally 

From Cleaning ManagersFacilities Assistants to Catering Managers (or anything else) the team understand the skills and staff you need.

The Facilities Management industry is not without its complexities, but you can be sure our specialist FM & Soft Services team are here to help.

Working with Facilities Management service providers, Contract Cleaning specialists, Catering and Security providers, as well as companies who employ an in-house Facilities Management team, we can help you find the following people:

Facilities Managers, Space, Moves and Change Managers, Floor Managers, Energy Managers, Cleaning Supervisors and Managers, Facilities assistants, Concierge/Reception staff, Estates Managers, Building Managers, Facilities Supervisors and Area/Contract Cleaning Managers.

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  • REC Audited
  • Apsco
  • BIFM Corporate Member
  • CHAS Accredited

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    Joanne Crampton, Head of Thorn Baker Estates, Facilities & Maintenance

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    Richard Carey, Principal Recruitment Consultant Facilities & Estate Management

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    Jade Sims, Temporary Building Services Recruitment Consultant - South East

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    Kristina Rhodes, Team Administrator

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    Beth Dann, Resourcer

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    Bradley Hooper, Resourcer