Meet Your EFM Team


Joanne Crampton

Head of Estates, Facilities, and Maintenance

I’ve had the pleasure of working in the Facilities Management sector for ten years. 

I’m at the forefront of the business. I’m here to help solve any issues our candidates, clients or my team are facing, and to come up with innovative solutions to their recruitment challenges.

For an industry that's sometimes hidden away in the broom cupboard, the passion that is shown by the people we work with for what they do is absolutely amazing.

The fantastic buildings, innovative tech and the sheer creativity and problem solving shown every day – it’s brilliant to be part of that energy. More than anything, I love seeing my team get their satisfaction out of a job well done. You can read about why I love FM recruitment here.

Me and my other half love to travel and we get away whenever we can – time is running out to complete my 40 countries before I’m 40 challenge though!

Do you want to join my team? Read about what a career with us looks like here

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