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Your Payment Options

It’s vital that you’re paid on time for the work you do and thanks to the extensive resources and infrastructure Thorn Baker Group provides, you can rest assured you will be. We use our own PAYE payroll system and carefully-selected payroll partners to ensure a range of options are always available to you. Irrespective of your payment method, it’s our aim to pay you on time, each week. Offering the peace of mind you deserve, our commitment to paying you on time is all part of the Thorn Baker Estates, Facilities & Maintenance experience.


From parking to pay rates, lunch breaks and timesheet deadlines, there’s often a lot to think about when you opt to fill a temporary position or two. It’s why great communication is key – and the reason we’ll always keep you in the loop here at Thorn Baker EFM.

We’ll ensure your chosen assignment is hassle-free from the off, and we’ll be in touch throughout to check how you’re getting on. Giving us the opportunity to address any challenges, the Thorn Baker EFM team is on hand to answer any of your queries.

Health and Safety

We want to keep you safe, which is why our clients are committed to providing a site-specific health and safety induction. If you’ve taken on a new role and you’re yet to receive an induction, it’s important you call us as soon as possible and we’ll make the necessary arrangements.

If you’re working with us on a temporary basis, you have a responsibility to adhere to health and safety measures, under sections seven and eight of the Health & Safety at Work Act. We require, therefore, that you fulfil the contents and spirit of our clients’ policy to the best of your ability, which will ensure you’re kept safe at all times.

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