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FM Recruitment: When One Size Doesn’t Fit All

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The current situation we're facing with the new 3-tier system is a reminder of how quickly our current restrictions can change. Especially with restaurants, pubs, and gyms facing tough restrictions if your area goes into tier 3. Do you have a plan in place for your business? In this blog we’ll look at some of the provisions we’ve been helping our clients put in place and how working with a specialist recruiter can be the key to providing the additional support when you need it most.

Richard Carey Principal Recruitment Consultant Facilities & Estate Management

Now more than ever we, as a business as well as our clients, must be able to adapt. COVID-19 has made us all aware of how not being prepared can have a drastic effect on your workforce and business – but how could anyone have been prepared for an event like this?

Temporary staff have historically been a means of providing a solution for sudden drops or increases in business. In these unique circumstances we’ve found ourselves looking at our current recruitment process – where can we improve? What else can we be doing for our clients? How can we help our candidates more?

Flexibility is a term used a lot these days but it truly is something that the teams have excelled in during the last six months. And the proof is in the pudding as they say, to their credit our teams have 65% more people working right now when we look at a year on year comparison. Given the circumstances, you might be surprised but the reasons why are clear…

Bespoke Recruitment: When One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Every business and every site are different. You have different products, systems, machinery even down to simple things like your canteen. As we navigate our way into a ‘new normal’ I’m proud to say that our teams have succeeded in supporting the bespoke recruitment needs of all of our clients

How have we achieved this?

  • Supplying cleaners and maintenance staff with as little as 12 hours’ notice for short and long term contracts nationwide

  • 91% off temporary workers provided are tried and tested temps 

  • Amending working hours of all consultants to enable out of hours on call service 

  • Negotiating cost effective charge rates 

  • Interviewing, vetting and qualification checking all candidates to ensure compliance with Electrical, Plumbing and Gas legislation 

  • Implemented electronic signing of timesheets

  • Implemented client’s shift management system into our own process 

  • Implemented regular service reviews with all sites and provided management information centrally 

By continuously recruiting and inducting candidates we can ensure that should a lockdown occur, like it just has, we are fully prepared. Thanks to our recruitment process we have additional staff ready to start, the result is that our clients will have no disruption to their business.

Temporary to Permanent: The Best of Both Worlds

The REC reported that: Employers’ intentions to hire permanent staff in the short term (over the next three months) improved by 11 percentage points from May, and returned to positive territory at net: +6.

Although it might not seem the right time to make any big hiring decisions this really could be the perfect time. Over the last year, 24 of our clients have taken temporary workers on permanently. In perspective that’s 68 people that have found their perfect job, people that made a great impression with our clients and helped improve their business output.

Great news – how have we helped our clients and candidates get to this point?

  • We offer clients the opportunity to recruit take workers on a temporary to permanent basis

  • Supplying thorough Key Information Documents so there are no surprises when someone arrives on-site

  • Candidate health screening

  • Video interviews

  • Interview prep

  • Up to date with how to use video software

Helping candidates be fully prepared for starting and assignment or for an interview is just the norm for us – technology and inductions may have changed but our core values of being solution-focused, positive-minded and people-focused remains a solid foundation.

Jade Simms, Temporary Consultant commented; ‘Candidates need a lot of support right now – people don’t always think of it this way but they’re our clients too. I have a candidate that has an interview this week for a permanent job but they want to use Microsoft Teams and she didn’t know how to use it. So if I need to download it and figure it out so I can explain it to her and support her in her interview that’s what I’m going to do. It’s not an issue for me I just want her to do well in her interview.’

As a business we’ve been building our database for over 30 years and having access to that is priceless. Combining this with local market knowledge, bespoke recruitment, and our Proven Process you can be sure that your business really will have the best people working for you. Of course, there’s no obligation to take your workers on permanently. The benefit of temporary workers is that we look after everything for you.