Out Top Tips for Hiring the Best Talent during a Pandemic


Our Top Tips for Hiring the Best Talent during a Pandemic

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Making a permanent hire right now can seem like you’re taking a risk. But, what if this is really the perfect time for hiring the best talent? Ensuring you have the very best people working for your business is everyone’s goal. In this blog, we’re going to take a look at our top tips to ensure you bag the best talent during the pandemic.

Richard Carey: Principal Recruitment Consultant Facilities & Estate Management

People are available that wouldn’t normally be…

Great talent won’t stay available for long. We all know some people by reputation as big hitters in their sectors and they rarely become/ stay available for long.

For a long time, job seekers have had the upper hand when it comes to employment but this is shifting to employers. It’s sad to see any business have to make redundancies but you can support people who are facing this reality by snapping them up for your team.

Deciding to hire someone permanently right now can seem daunting – everyone is watching their cash flows, what if you have to make redundancies? The Labour market overview, UK: August 2020 has said that ‘Early indicators for July 2020 suggest that the number of employees in the UK on payrolls is down around 730,000 compared with March 2020.’

It can be easy to focus on the negatives and forget that there are positives – whilst quarter on quarter employed levels are down, by comparison, year on year they are up.

Lean on your recruitment partner so they can ease the pressure

We work in an industry where service level agreements, procedures and deadlines determine what we do every day and in what order. So why should your recruitment process be any different?

Agree with your internal recruitment team, your specialist agency and most importantly yourself what service levels you will work too.

For example:

  • 24 hours to respond to a CV/application.

  • Three business days to arrange an interview.

  • One week to get an offer of employment out.

Whichever part of the process you are at you should have a relevant service level, which has been agreed and communicated to everyone involved. This will prevent frustrations with the expectations set for yourself, your internal and external recruitment team, and most crucially - your candidates.

Don’t forget that as specialist recruiters this is what we do – all day, every day. Looking for someone specific? Chances are we already know them – don’t miss out on having the very best talent available on your team…

Reassess your recruiting strategy and talent criteria

Many companies will need to quickly pivot their recruitment strategies from we can only find a few to how can we deal with so many?

Our tips to help you deal with the volume applicants would be:

  • Give applicants a variety of ways to easily apply online – can they apply with their LinkedIn account?

  • Assess your role requirements – could someone from another sector have transferrable skills?

  • Aim to lower your time-to-hire – this is usually seen as a huge roadblock, how can it be improved?

  • Get people in place quickly to support critical functions – this really is what it all comes down to.

Most of that is sound advice but is it always within your control? Another way you could make your hiring life a whole lot easier is by making the most of a specialist recruiter.

Whilst we’re not trying to make this about the sell a great specialist recruiter is worth their weight in gold. They will understand your business needs, already know the best people who are becoming available (because they go to them for help)

Some positions will always be needed to make sure you’re one step ahead of your competition and making the most of the current talent pool. Give me a call on 07814 516 220 or pop me an email here and we can have a chat about making sure you don’t miss out on the very best talent available.