Why Do Engineers Like Temporary Contracts


Why Do Engineers like Temporary Contracts?

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Head of Thorn Baker EFM Joanne CramptonFor many people, searching for a job means strictly full-time, permanent positions. Yet taking a temp job can offer many benefits. Businesses have expressed concerns to us including; temp jobs lack stability and Engineers will always be on the hunt for permanent work. But is that how Engineers really feel? This blog will explore exactly that.

Joanne Crampton, Head of Thorn Baker Estates, Facilities & Maintenance

Research from The Recruitment & Employment Confederation has shown that one in three people in Great Britain has worked as a temporary worker, furthermore, 41% of people would consider working as a temporary worker in the future. So, over the last month, the team and I have been speaking with Engineers to find out (from the horse's mouth) why they choose temporary/self-employed contracts.

How Long Have You Worked Temporarily/ Self Employed?

How Long Have You Worked Temporarily_Self Employed?








Over 50% of the Engineers we spoke with have been working temporarily/self-employed for over eight years, that's quite a strong majority. It's clear from the people that we surveyed that this is definitely seen as a viable career option as far as Engineers as concerned. As a business do you offer temporary/ self-employed options? You could be missing out on hiring some of the best, most experienced Engineers by not making it an option.

'I use agency Engineers (mechanical)  as temporary staff due to the fact that I can use them when needed due to workload and also on the odd occasion send them back to the agency without any bother if I find the Engineer not suitable for the role. Also using agency staff while an on-site Engineer is on leave for a period of time as cover.'

Mechanical Engineering Manager: County Hall Estate Management Ltd

What Is Your Favourite Thing About Working Temporarily/ Self Employed?

What Is Your Favourite Thing about Working Temporarily_Self Employed?







The top three things that our Engineers favoured were:

  • Flexibility
  • Choice of contracts
  • Being their own boss

Work-life balance and flexible working is more than just a trend. Employers have never been more on the pulse with employee welfare than they are right now. This is especially important given that based on CIPD's research three in five employees work longer hours than they would like to.

What First Motivated You to Start Working Temporarily/ Self Employed?

What First Motivated You to Start Working Temporarily_Self Employed?







Their motivators clearly back up the work-life balance thought. Commuting time can also add a significant additional burden on the time of many workers, equating to an additional work-related time of 3 hours 45 minutes on average per week. Commuting time is longest for workers in London (on average 78 minutes a day). 

We're working with our Clients to not look at a temporary/self-employed as a last resort, or not even considering an Engineer because they're not looking for permanent, the key to approaching temporary work is to change your mindset. Focus on the benefits. If you'd like to discuss the benefits of hiring temporary Engineers contact us today on 0844 406 0086 or by email here.