A Decade of FM Recruitment and Still Loving It


A Decade of FM Recruitment and Still Loving It

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Joanne Crampton, Head of Thorn Baker Estates, Facilities & MaintenanceThe Facilities Management industry was a very different beast back in 2010 – I still remember my first ever placement upon joining Thorn Baker to set up a fledgling new recruitment offering (back then simply known as the Facilities Management division).

Joanne Crampton, Head of Thorn Baker Estates, Facilities & Maintenance

I placed a Maintenance Supervisor with a small outfit in Leicester (who have long since been swallowed up by one of the big boys). I had no team to celebrate with, no bell to ring announcing the placement success, no high fives around the office. But nothing could wipe the big cheesy grin off my face as I skipped home to open a bottle of wine and celebrate the sheer joy of being off the mark in my new career.

My vision (created ambitiously in the middle of the worst recession in recent memory) was to provide an honest, no bullsh*t recruitment service specialising in what I knew best. I kept it simple – asked my clients and candidates what they wanted, and went out and found it for them. It was a relationship built on trust and good communication.

Joanne Crampton_10 Year Work AnniversaryA lot has changed since then. I’ve seen clients come and go as the never-ending merry go round of mergers, acquisitions and sadly bankruptcies and liquidations that have transformed the Facilities Management landscape. The increasing reliance on recruitment portals have challenged the communication between hiring manager and recruiter like never before. The Facilities and Property industry has seen increasing scrutiny in the media following the backlash against outsourcing after the Carillion collapse.

We’ve seen faces come and go in the team (and a couple have come, gone and come back again!) we’ve restructured, relocated and re-branded along with the market trends. We’ve kicked up our marketing and social media game (if you’d have told me ten years ago that I’d be recruiting via Facebook and Instagram…) but at our very core we’re still the same straightforward, straight talking recruitment service that I wanted to create ten years ago.

Here’s to the next ten and seeing what further changes we’ll experience in the future of Facilities and Property Management – who knows, perhaps we’ll be managing maintenance via drone rather than humans!