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Hot Job: Air Conditioning Engineer, North London

Hot Job, Building Services & Maintenance

One of my long-standing clients has seen unprecedented growth in the past few years thanks to backing from larger global brands. We've worked with them since they were a small M&E Maintenance Contractor, to becoming part of a global FM business, winning high-end contracts left, right and centre. I'm proud to be working with them.

Laura Billinghurst Permanent Building Services Recruitment Consultant

With the recent acquisition of arguably the most prestigious public sector contract in London, they are seeking only the best Air Conditioning Engineers to work as part of an elite team covering sites in North London. Due to the nature of the contracts, you will be required to go through a rigorous vetting process- so I'm looking to speak with the most honest and hard-working individuals on the market.

So what are the best things about working about this company..?

Well, where's a better place to start than asking the Engineers themselves? I've placed over 20 Engineers with them in the last three years and in that time have always received the best feedback such as:

‘It’s exactly what you said it would be Laura, which is really rare!’

‘I’m raking in the overtime, it’s the best job I’ve ever had.’

‘They really look after you here; I can see myself staying for a very long time.’

What sets this role apart from other positions then?

  • All of the sites you attend are part of a contract that has parking spaces and a permit, which means you spend less time trying to find somewhere to put your van, and more time doing the job you trained in – the technical stuff!

  • The work is on lively sites that are sociable – you need to get your work done, but in between Engineers have been known to enjoy a game of pool with clients before leaving for their next job.

  • The contracts have just received heavy government investment, meaning you won’t be twiddling your thumbs; there's constant work and some meaty projects to get your teeth into.

  • Fair pay for hard work – your basic will be between £34-38,000, but that doesn’t reflect the earning potential. Travel either side of the working day (8.00 am - 5.00 pm) is paid at overtime rates and there is plenty of overtime to be had – some of the Engineers have earnt an extra £20,000 annually on top of their salary with overtime alone, and when you’re taking into account the standby payments of £175 per week every six weeks, the figures soon stack up.

  • Management have all worked on the tools previously – you won’t be working for someone sat in an ivory tower who has no idea about the job and the pressures involved – the team Manager gets on the tools himself still and knows exactly what he’s doing, so he genuinely values all of his employees…

  • Aside from this, you’ll get the usual perks of a company van, fuel card, paid holidays etc.

What does it take to get on board?!

To start with you’ll need to be an experienced Air Conditioning Engineer – The more experience you have with VRV's, VRF's, splits, multi splits etc., the better, and if you have any chiller maintenance experience that will set you apart. 

They are looking for high service orientated individuals – so to stand out you will need to be well presented and customer focussed… positions like this are like gold dust, so I need the best Engineers who know what makes their clients tick and how to keep them happy. Being solution focussed is what it’s all about – no job too big, no problem too small – either way, you’ll be the one to get it fixed, and if you don’t know how to, you will be the one to find a solution.

You will need the usual qualifications – F-Gas is essential. Ideally, you will also have NVQ Level 2 or 3 in air conditioning, although this can be overlooked for the most competent of Engineers.

Laura Billinghurst Permanent Building Services Recruitment Consultant

As you can probably imagine, we have seen high demand for this position, but I'm looking for that someone who can give a little extra – to find out more and to be considered for this position you need to act quickly! Please send your CV to me – and let’s have a chat about what sets you apart from all the other Engineers.