Top 5 Issues All Facilities and Maintenance Hiring Managers Will Face This Summer (And How to Solve Them)


Top 5 Issues All Facilities and Maintenance Hiring Managers Will Face This Summer (And How to Solve Them)

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Summer is here (even if the weather doesn’t always agree) and I know when my team and I speak with our clients about their hiring struggles, these are the topics they are most concerned about:

  • ​Sudden demand for more staffing resources

  • Skills shortages

  • Increasing concerns about the environment

  • Planned & Unplanned Absences

  • Keeping within a hiring budget

This blog will explore these issues, how they affect facilities management, maintenance and soft services hiring managers like you and some tips and advice on how you can overcome them.

Joanne Crampton, Head of Thorn Baker Estates, Facilities & Maintenance

Sudden Demand: Keeping Your Clients Happy?

2018 was the second hottest summer on record, and according to this blog from E.ON about the 2018 heatwave, the top five hottest years on record have occurred since 2003. This is a trend that will keep repeating and at times, it feels like every building manager in the UK has turned their air con system on at the same moment – and then immediately puts in a maintenance request!

The nature of the seasonal beast is to hire the best Managers, Engineers and Helpdesk staff and make sure they’re trained in time for your busy peak summer period – all within an already condensed timeline. 

At a time like this, it’s crucial to make the right hire, as quickly as possible, the first time around. Plan for sudden surges in work requests as early in the season as you can – if you wait until July, you’ll have missed out. Get a meeting booked in with your preferred recruitment specialist now, and ensure they have an excellent network of available, proven and vetted candidates who are willing to step in at short notice.

Skills Shortage: Finding the Best People

A skills shortage within Facilities and Property Maintenance is a topic at the very heart of the facilities management and building services maintenance industry – so much so that a panel discussion was held in October 2018 at an FMP event, which you can read about here.

Last year, my team and I surveyed the opinion of those at the forefront of the FM industry staffing problems – the Maintenance and Facilities Contracts Managers who are directly responsible for recruiting and managing maintenance engineers. You can read the results of our skills shortage survey here (including our top tips on how to still hire the best talent).

Environmental: Do You Offer Benefits for Today’s Green Employee?

You could be asking yourself ‘We have a fantastic benefits package on offer, why do we need to add green benefits?’ Today’s facilities management and maintenance professionals are much more focused on environmental/ well-being issues and are looking to align themselves with employers who reflect these values – in 2015, an article by The Guardian
(Click here to read: Millennials Want to Work for Employers Committed to Values and Ethics) stated that 42% of the workplace now want to work for an organisation that has a positive impact on the world and 35% would work harder if they felt their organisation benefitted society.

By pushing for a better environmental policy within your facilities management or maintenance provider business you will have much more chance of tapping into the current and next generation consciousness and workforce.

Absences: How Do Planned vs. Unplanned absences Affect Your Ability to Deliver your SLAs?

This happens in all businesses; we can plan our teams’ holidays or maternity cover but emergencies and last minute requests come up – Illness, holidays, childcare, sudden departures – all of which can cause major headaches when adhering to your client service level agreements.

One of the reasons why we developed our unique TalentMatch system was to make sure we could react quickly to our client’s needs in the short and long term – you can read more about this on our About Us page here.

We’ve worked in the Industry for over 30 years so you can be sure that we already know the best Maintenance Engineers, Soft Services and Helpdesk staff available.

Budget: Hiring a happy workforce whilst maintaining a profitable contract

We work with businesses like yours who want to do right by their employees, but also need to keep an eye on budgets and profitability – with perks such as fully paid travel time, private mileage and top of the range company cars and vans being the most highly sought after benefits in the facilities and maintenance industry, offering great perks and maintenance profitability is a tough balance.

By understanding what candidates really want, we successfully deliver the results needed time and time again, as shown by our case studies – we helped our clients Floorbrite and Atalian Servest Arthur McKay hire the best staff by truly understanding what our candidates desired and matching it accordingly!

If you'd like to discuss your current and upcoming hiring needs with your Thorn Baker Estates, Facilities & Maintenance specialist contact the team here. Or you can complete our looking to hire form and your specialist consultant will call you.