The Hot FM and Maintenance Topics Everyone Is Talking About Right Now


The Hot FM and Maintenance Topics Everyone Is Talking About Right Now

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As a busy Facilities Management professional you don’t always have time to check what is happening in the world of FM and Maintenance. Here is a roundup of the hot topics that the FM and Maintenance community are talking about.

Joanne Crampton, Head of Thorn Baker Estates, Facilities & MaintenanceIt’s definitely been a busy month in the world of Facilities Management. Below is a quick round-up of the hottest topics that Facilities Management and Building Services Professionals like you (and my team) have been talking about this month.

Joanne Crampton, Head of Thorn Baker Estates, Facilities & Maintenance


10 Ways Engineers and Their Managers Can Maintain a Great Work-Life Balance

Are you struggling to maintain a good work life balance?

Working in the Facilities Management and Building Maintenance industry often comes with the expectation to work long hours to get those all-important deadlines and service level agreements completed. This article looks at ways you (and your Manager!) can make sure that you reduce your stress levels both at work and home by setting realistic boundaries and whilst this focus on engineers it is easily applied to those working in Soft Services and Support roles too!

To read the 10 ways Engineers and their Managers can maintain a great work life balance click here.

Why Are so Many Companies Struggling to Hire Engineers?

We all know there is a skills shortage across the board in the Facilities Management and Building Maintenance.

My team and I set out to discuss this with the companies at the leading edge of the Facilities Management and Building Maintenance industries in the UK, and talked to the Hiring Managers to get their opinions on what has caused this skills shortage.

You can read about what other industry professionals (like you) thought by clicking here

8 Things That Brexit May Mean for FM

Whether you like it or not, you can’t ignore the fact that Brexit will have an impact one way or another on all aspects of our lives, and that includes the Facilities Management and Maintenance industry in the UK.

This article was written back in 2016 and still applies now as the looming uncertainty continues – depending on whom you work for (a major corporation in London or an SME in the Midlands for example), there are some good indications here of what Brexit could mean for your employer.

Here at Thorn Baker EFM, we work with businesses who struggle to hire every day, understanding what a business needs is what makes us great at what we do.

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