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Why do people in the Estates, Facilities & Maintenance community work with us again and again? Simple - we have successful, long-lasting relationships that are built on communication and collaboration. 

We're a team of expert Estates, Facilities & Maintenance consultants, the Maintenance Engineers, Area Cleaning Managers and Helpdesk Operators that we work with have told us that we offer something different. 

Recruiting nationally in the Facilities Management, Soft Services, Building Services Maintenance and Estates Management we have all the bases covered. Our clients and candidates have said that they love working with us because we truly understand their requirements, their culture and their market. 

Want to work with an agency that has the know-how you need to solve your recruitment challenges? 

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  • So, why did we create our EFM division? Back in 2010, our aim was to create successful, long-lasting relationships built on communication and collaboration in the Facilities Management and Property community. We’re pleased to confirm we’ve done just that!

    A boutique team of expert consultants, we specialise in facilities, property and maintenance recruitment and we really do offer something a little different. We’re smaller than most agencies, which means we can put our absolute all into ensuring you enjoy nothing but exceptional service.

  • But don’t let our modest size put you off! Ours is a national reach, with consultants finding and filling roles up and down the country. We’re people-driven, solution-focused and positive-minded and our recruitment know-how ensures you’ll enjoy a smooth service from our team.

    Recruiting in hard and soft servicesfacilities managementhelpdesk and support staffing, and property and estates management, we really do have all your staffing needs covered.

    Our clients and candidates tell us they love working with us because we truly understand their requirements, their culture and their market. 


Estates, facilities & maintenance TEAM

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    Joanne Crampton, Head of Estates, Facilities, and Maintenance

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    Laura Billinghurst, Permanent Building Services Recruitment Consultant - South East

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    Clare Gadsby, Permanent Building Services Recruitment Consultant - Midlands & North

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    Jade Sims, Temporary Building Services Recruitment Consultant - South East

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    Andrew McCafferty, Facilities & Soft Services Recruitment Consultant - UK Wide

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    Sophie Butcher, Helpdesk & Support Recruitment Consultant - UK Wide

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    Kristina Rhodes, Team Administrator

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    Kimberly Leech, Facilities & Soft Services Recruitment Consultant - UK Wide

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    Jacob Morley, Resourcer, Building Services & Maintenance